Friday, October 10, 2014

Class Activity - the UK and Scottish Referendum

People often mistakenly use the terms "England," "the United Kingdom" and "Great Britain" interchangeably.  While there is some overlap, the three terms refer to three distinct places.

Please go to this website to find out more about the differences between England, the United Kingdom and Great Britain.  On the blank maps that you have been given, please color in to create these four maps.

1.  A map showing the countries of Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales.
2.  A map showing England alone.
3.  A map showing the entire UK
4.  A map showing Great Britain

On maps 3 and 4, please include the date when these kingdoms were formed.

Carrying on...

So you know that the kingdom of Great Britain was created by the Act of Union in 1707.  However, you might not be aware that there was very recently an historic attempt for Scotland to secede from that union and become an entirely independent country.  Although the movement failed, it was important both in terms of the potential impact on Great Britain and for other secession movements around the world.

Please read this article that provides an overview of the Scottish independence movement, and answer the questions provided.  They will be turned in at the end of class.

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